Personalise the corporate workwear and uniforms worn by your team by adding the company name, company logo and/or the employee’s name and team on a range of garments.

Why logo and personalise your company workwear?

Strategic use of corporate branding in your workwear and signage enables customers to recognise your brand, assures them of the professionalism of your team and communicates the level of consistency they can expect from your service, products and people when they have multiple touchpoints with your business.


…identify specific teams and team members…

From a health and safety perspective, branding clothing can help to identify specific teams and team members or People of Interest, for example Site Managers, Contamination Control teams, First Aid trained staff and Fire Wardens.

Personalised workwear and uniforms also have benefits for internal teams by helping employees to commit to a strong company culture and team morale.

Lastly, extending branding to areas such as personalised clothing, uniforms and signage is a key factor in increasing your company’s brand profile. Investment in this space sees returns for a significant period of time to come.


…proven experience and capabilities in-house in Romar Innovate

Romar Innovate’s Proven Experience and Capabilities in Workwear and Uniforms

Romar Innovate has the facilities, resources and proven experience in-house to provide your company with a personalised range of branded workwear and uniforms; From PPE, promotional t-shirts, shirts, blouses, ties, scarfs, baseball caps and polos to sweatshirts, rugby tops, fleeces, jackets and much more.

Embroidery: Embroidered logos are a high-quality and durable way to brand company workwear. The company logo can be embroidered directly onto the garment. Choosing embroidery allows for the continuation of standard commercial laundering processes where relevant.

Heat Applied Logos: Logos can also be heat applied in-house by our trained team in Romar Innovate. Heat Applied logos are available in a wide range of colours and are an effective way to display company branding, logos and the wearers name or team title.

How do I place an order for branded workwear?

To avail of branding and embroidery services from Romar Innovate, simply email us with your requirements and a member of the team in your local Romar Innovate office will be in touch.

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